Funk Motorsport Heat Sleeving - Titanium - 30mm

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Funk Motorsport Heat Sleeving


30mm x 0.5m


Designed to match Funk's exhaust wraps and turbo blankets from their heat management range, introducing a combination of protection and styling, the new titanium heat sleeving is subtle in the engine bay, though capable of providing reliable running of your high performance application.

Whilst being designed to maintain optimal performance and reliability, this simple product can easily smarten up the appearance of any race car or road car. Common applications include electrical wiring looms, brake lines, fuel lines and oil lines.


This heat sleeving is available for all Motorsport categories in sizes:

  • 15mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
  • 30mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)


Note: Carbon, silver and gold also available on request.

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