Fensport - NA Remap - GT86 & BRZ

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Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ - Normally Aspirated Remap 

Note: Available with or without Ecutek License.

An Ecutek License is a one time seperate charge and is required if the vehicle has not been mapped via Ecutek before.

At Fensport we have been extremely busy working on ECU remapping using the brilliant Ecutek software to reflash the standard ecu. To date we have tested many different configurations of maps as well as countless miles of road, dyno, track and race testing to bring you our Fensport NA ecu remap service.

Our very own GT86 has been modified with a Blitz panel filter, Samco intake hose, 2nd cat removed and a free flow exhaust, alloy pulleys and a lightened flywheel has shown an impressive peak power of 218.4bhp an increase of 25bhp at 7054rpm and almost 20lb/ft torque increase. Nice figures for a lightly modified normally aspirated engine!

We also incorporate the excellent Racerom features which include the ability to switch between 4 maps on the move via cruise control stalk. Also includes Launch Control, Full Throttle Gearchange, Auto Blip on downshift, In gear rpm limits.

Our NA remap includes 4 maps.

Map 1: Full Performance map, for use with 97+ ron fuel, ie: Super Unleaded. 7,650rpm rev limit. This map is also configured for economy on cruise.

Map 2: Full Performance and adds Launch Control and Full throttle gear change. 7,650rpm rev limit.

Map 3: Full Performance and adds Launch Control and Full throttle gear change and Auto Blip on down shift. 7,650rpm rev limit.

Map 4: 95 Ron map, can be used with normal unleaded fuel when super unleaded is unavailable. Rpm limit is reduced to standard 7,400rpm. Note: this map produces lower power than map 1,2 or 3 and economy is reduced slightly

Our 4 maps are examples, you may choose your own sequence, rev limits, throttle response, racerom features etc.


  • Maps can be any sequence
  • Rev limits in gear can be applied to any map
  • Soft cut rev limiter
  • Oil over and under temp warnings - engine checklight
  • Throttle response can be tailored to individual customer
  • VVT active - engine checklight warning
  • Oil Temperature - engine checklight warning

Note 1: We do not offer any kind of pop and bang maps.

Note 2: All of our maps are based on the latest Version software.

More Information:

Map Switching is carried out using the cruise control stalk, simply pull the stalk towards you for 1 second, rev counter will show 1k rpm, then simply move the cruise control stalk up or down to select your map, rev counter will show which map you have selected, then pull cruise control to lock that map. All maps can be accessed on the move.

Launch Control is adjustable via cruise control stalk, with the car stopped and clutch down, go to full throttle and rpm is held at a pre set 4,500rpm. Simply use cruise control stalk to increase or decrease in 250rpm increments.

Full Throttle shift uses a rev limiter to cut the ignition timing so the driver need not lift off the throttle, just simply de clutch and pull the next gear.

Auto Blip can be used to match the revs on downshift, the driver brakes and selects the lower gear and the electronic throttle automaticaly blips the throttle.

Note: Competition cars without cruise control stalk can still switch maps using other switch configurations.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I return my car to standard map?
Yes the standard map can always be re flashed.

Will the Manufacturer be able to tell if my ecu has been reflashed?
It is possible, the Ecutek software has a flash count as does the standard software, however they can't see each other. and factory diagnostic tool will still work with our Ecutek software.

Can the fault codes still be read?
Yes, both the Manufacturer and generic OBD readers suitable for GT86 and BRZ can still read fault codes (DTC's)

What if there's a recall or a warranty claim pending?
If required the ecu can be reflashed back to standard, once recall work is complete, the tuned map can be re installed.

Do I need to purchase a license?
An Ecutek license essentially unlocks the ecu and allows us to overwrite the standard rom file with our modified files. A license is only required the first time you flash the car, after this you can reflash as many times as you like.

I already have an Ecutek license?
If your car already has an Ecutek license, you can still use our Fensport Maps. If your Pro Ecu kit is registered to another tuner you will need to contact Ecutek and request a transfer to us.

Is an Ecutek license transferrable?
No the Ecutek license is a one time purchase for each individual ecu.

What about future updates?
Software and main dealer map updates will be made available as they are released.

Ecutek are continually developing the software with future modifications and upgrades in mind.

Future remaps are chargeable, cost depends on modifications and time spent, we charge £85 + vat per hour for extra mapping work.

Do you use a generic map?
We start with one of our many base maps and then map / tune the car to suit you and your vehicle. Each vehicle and customer is different and we pride ourselves in getting the best from your car in a safe manner and we will taylor any of the available options to suit you.

Do you use a rolling road?
No all of our cars are road mapped, we do use rolling roads in the development of our rom files, these base roms are then fine tuned on your car in their natural environment the road.

What is "E Mapping" or "Remote Tuning"?
You can still benefit from our Fensport Maps even if you don't live in the UK or you can't get your car to us. You need to purchase or hire the "Ecutek EVi Connect with Programming Kit" and purchase a "License/ Map Calibration" which will allow you to programme our Fensport Maps in to your vehicle. maps will be sent to you via email, you will upload to your vehicle, go for a drive and capture log files to email back to us for diagnosis and modification.

What is EcuTek EVi Connect - with Programming?
The "Programming Kit" allows you to programme our Fensport Maps to your vehicle.
The EVi Connect also includes the ability to read and clear fault codes (DTC's) as well as log ecu parameters, capture log files to email back to us for diagnosis and modification. 

You will also be able to return the car back to standard if necessary. 

The programming kit does not allow you to change the calibration of our Fensport maps. However we can supply a standard "open" map if you wish to self tune.

For further information and how the mapping process works - Please visit our Ecutek FAQ blog post

Please call for further information or to book your remap.

  • Subaru BRZ 2012 On
  • Subaru BRZ 2017 On BRZ
  • Toyota GT86 2012 to 2016
  • Toyota GT86 2017 On

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