The quest for power with the FA20!

Fensport have been tuning the FA20 engine since its release in the GT86 in 2012 and are considered the number 1 tuner for this platform in the UK. We have done almost everything you can imagine from simple remaps to over 600bhp turbocharged race cars and everything in between. The thing that separates us from the pack is the experience, we have invested a lot of time and money in learning the platform, testing many different things, making the mistakes so you don't have to and proving what works and what doesn't. You are not paying us to learn on your car, you are paying for our expertise, in this modern world of social media its very easy to mix up the self proclaimed specialists and the real specialists so you can be comfortable knowing you are in the right place with us.

There are so many tuning options for this platform that it can be incredibly confusing for somebody who is new to tuning and sometimes too much choice is a bad thing. The point of this page is to simplify basic modifications all the way through to huge power builds so you can decide what is right for you and which you can comfortably afford. 

Here we will focus only on power as braking, suspension, chassis tuning, tyres etc are individual topics on their own! Lets keep it simple.

Naturally Aspirated tuning - Go straight to priced options

The most simple, straight forward and often cheapest method to extract a little extra power from your car that can be done in 1 day while you wait with the car. This ranges from a simple remap(200-205bhp) at £366 for a small increase in power, to £1495 for a moderate power increase(200-220bhp) to thousands of pounds for a larger power increase(220bhp plus). Once you go beyond the moderate power increase level the bhp per £ drops dramatically and the only reason you would continue this pursuit for power is because you race the car and you are class limited to staying naturally aspirated. 

fa20 gt86 price of tuning naturally aspirated remaps manifold heads

Forced Induction - 250bhp to 600bhp and beyond

We will only cover the options we recommend and work with regularly, there are many supercharger and turbocharging options on the market but these in our experience are the best for their own respective reasons and are the only kits we will use in the priced options below.

Supercharging - Go straight to priced options

We are all big turbo fans here but we understand some people want to supercharge instead, just make sure it is for the right reason and not because you read that turbos lag and superchargers don't. That advice was sensible 20 years ago but not today with high compression engines, good fuels and modern turbochargers. We use the HKS supercharger kit, the reason for this is by simply changing the size of the restrictor plate you can go from 260bhp all the way to 360bhp. Below you will find options for adding a supercharger to a stock engine through to having an engine built to handle the full power potential.

supercharging supercharged fa20 gt86 brz

Turbocharging - Go straight to priced options

Our personal favourite, the most modular system that is easily upgradable from a simple 260bhp all the way up to 600bhp and beyond. Fantastic mid range torque with a power band suited to daily driving as well as track work. Below we cover all options from bolting on to a stock engine all the way through to fully forged engines for huge power potential.

turbocharging turbocharged turbo fa20 gt86 brz

Click the button for whichever option you want to explore, inside you will find it broken down by parts, prices, the time your car will be off the road etc everything you need to know to make an accurate decision.

Do you already understand the above options or already have a forced induction GT86 or BRZ and want to skip straight to engine build prices? Click FA20 Forged Engine Build Priced Options below

forged engine building built fa20 gt86 brz

This should cover every option available but if you cant find the information you want here or to discuss a very custom build please email but take the time to go through all of the options above first as we have put a lot of information together to make it as simple as possible!