Blitz 380R Turbo Kit - No Cat - 10203 - GT86 & BRZ Turbocharger

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Blitz B06-380R Turbo Kit kit for Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ.

Comprehensive Blitz turbo kit with B06-380R turbo to match the characteristics of the FA20 perfectly.


  • Blitz B06-380R Turbocharger 
  • Max Power rating 380bhp
  • Stainless equal length turbo manifold
  • Stainless Downpipe - No cat.
  • Turbo heatshield
  • Intercooler with cast end tanks and all pipework
  • SUS Air filter
  • All necessary hoses, clamps, gaskets & fixings.

Stage 1 setup - Mechanical boost control - the turbo kit produces 260 - 285 "flywheel" bhp depending on exhaust setup and fuel quality.

Stage 2 setup - Power can be adjusted from 260 to 380bhp and following features are available

  • Up to 4 different boost settings via map switching or ECU connect
  • Closed loop boost control (3 bar map sensor required)
  • Oil, water & air temperature, vvt & advance multiplier dependant boost control for safety
  • Throttle and gear dependant boost control
  • Over boost protection
  • Please purchase Electronic 3 port boost vsv separately.

Optional upgrades:

  • Clutch - Although its possible to use the standard clutch, it is preferred to upgrade for reliability and to hold the increased torque. 
  • Electronic 3 port boost vsv 
  • 3 bar map Sensor - allows the ecu to read boost levels above 0.37 bar (stock sensor) also can provide a signal for overboost protection. 

Fensport can supply Ecutek, Pro Ecu and tuning for this package, please see our GT86 & BRZ Turbo Remap for further details of our forced induction (FI) mapping services



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- Note front crash beam requires cutting for installation. - This is a Pro Kit which means it does not include any engine management. - We offer a drive in drive out fitting and remap service using Ecutek.